Furniture Express And Carbon

Carbon emissions are a big point of debate for many today. IT is important to understand how carbon emissions affect our environment and what we can do about it. If you are familiar with the 2008 Climate Change Act made in Britain which was the first country in the world to set legal carbon budgets which aim to decrease the carbon emissions of the UK by at least 80% by the year 2050. Companies like help cut down carbon emissions.  By providing this type of advice and support t it helps to save on energy and commercialize the low carbon technologies.

By working with companies like furniture express who supply rattan garden furniturethey can create a better environment now.  They also open markets for lower carbon technologies. By leading the way to commercialize these technologies they can provide collaborations with industries. The job of commercializing these products now will help reduces and save over 20 million tonnes of carbon by the year of 2050.  They have worked with many companies such as furniture express,suppliers of barcelona chair some of those companies include:

  • ASDA
  • British Airways
  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Alliance Boots
  • And many more…..

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